Aries:  Greedy, self-centered, restless. You are like the naivete of the entire zodiac. You are scaringly competitive and need to win.

Taurus: Dull, too lazy, too stubborn. You refuse to even say the word “change”.  Too insensitive to other’s feelings.

Gemini: Two-faced, cold-hearted. You are irresponsible and are always running away from responsibility.

Cancer: Grumpy, moody. You have a hard time keeping faith in, well, anything. You are whining 90% of the time.

Leo: Arrogant, pompous, self -centered. You are too easily flattered because of your need to get attention.

Virgo: Negative, obsessive, too critical. You NEED to become the perfect perfectionist that ever existed is exhausting.

Libra: Idle, extreme. Your changes are too rapid. You’re always looking for money tactics.

Scorpio: Evilish, too dictator-ish . You have a borderline scary dream of being God.

Sagittarius: Loudmouthed, reckless. You are too self indulgent and extreme.

Capricorn:  Petty, mean, unforgiving. You are just plain unpleasant.

Aquarius: Cold, inhuman. You think everything is perverse.

Pisces: Jealous, morose. You are too needy And overtly jealous.