Aloo Paratha is one of the most popular breakfast dishes throughout Nepal and India. Aloo parathas are made of unleavened dough filled with an aggregate of mashed potato and spices, which is rolled out and cooked on a hot tawa with butter or ghee. Following is how to prepare Aloo Paratha:


For the Dough:

1 cup whole wheat flour.

1 cup refined flour or 1 cup maida flour.

1 teaspoon salt.
1 teaspoon oil.
1 teaspoon carom seeds or 1 teaspoon ajwain.
For the Potato Stuffing:
3 medium potatoes (boiled and peeled).
1 green chili pepper, finely chopped.
1 tablespoon coriander leaves, finely chopped.
1⁄4 teaspoon garam masala powder.
1⁄4 teaspoon red chili powder (adjust it based on how spicy you want it).
1-inch grated ginger.
1 teaspoon chat masala.
6 tablespoons oil.
Salt to taste.
Place all of the dough making ingredients to your meals processor with the dough paddle. you will get a tender and elastic dough. Set aside and permit it to rest until we put together the potato stuffing.
Inside the meals, the processor positioned all of the ingredients required for the potato stuffing and pulse it until it all mixes and springs together properly. Potato needs to be minced.
Divide dough 7-eight medium balls, dust the ground and roll the balls into small circles with the assist of a rolling pin.
keep the rolled dough on your palm and location 2-three tbsp of potato filling within the middle. Use your judgment in relation to filling, you ought to be capable of near the dough with filling inner. Pinch the top of the dough to seal it properly.
Flatten the dough lightly along with your fingers and roll it out lightly into a 6-eight inch circle. Don’t overlook to sprinkle flour earlier than rolling the dough.
cook dinner the paratha on a tawa at medium-excessive warmth. while one side is brown, turn the paratha and brush it with oil. Repeat the identical system with another facet too. Prepare dinner well on both facets until you see golden spots. Your paratha is ready. top it with butter and serve hot with pickle or yogurt.
in case you want to freeze the paratha for later use then prepare dinner them till they’re only a little beneath carried out. put in a ziplock bag, if you have multiple parathas then positioned parchment paper between each one in each of them as this can make it less complicated to take them out when frozen and heat. Don’t thaw the paratha, take them out of the freezer and cook dinner on warm tawa until perfectly golden and crisp for you to eat. I usually make an extra batch to be used in the course of weekdays.