What Are Your Bad Traits? Know Your Zodiac’s Negative Traits

Aries:  Greedy, self-centered, restless. You are like the naivete of the entire zodiac. You are scaringly competitive and need to win. Taurus: Dull, too lazy, too stubborn. You refuse to even say the word “change”.  Too insensitive to other’s feelings. Gemini: Two-faced, cold-hearted. You are irresponsible and are always running away from responsibility. Cancer: Grumpy, […]

Ghale gaun a place for homestay

Ghalegaun is an exotic pristine village endowed with an unparalleled scenic grandeur and a home to Ghales the famed Gurungs the legendary mid-hill people of western Nepal. Repository of a unique ethnic culture Ghelegaun is a true microcosm of stunning natural beauty mixed with an unspoiled ethnic lifestyle. Located in the district of Lamjung, Ghale […]